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Operating costs of this site are, so far, minimal. However, we could still use donations to help us fund and support events. It would be nice to rent a pavilion in a park for a picnic, or to help a band or performer play a gig that the community could enjoy. We may eventually be able to do prize giveaways, and other fun things like that. If you would like to help out, please consider donating to us through Paypal.
Another option is to buy ad space from us. Ads are completely run by us, not by a third-party ad-management system. We are currently selling the spots in flat-rate 6-month blocks, for only $20. If you would like more information about this, please email promotions@mdgoth.org

Feel free to print out and share our business cards. They’re designed to fit Avery template 8371 in Word, but you can also just print out the file on paper or cardstock and cut them out! We appreciate you helping spread the word! Download the file here:¬†mdgothbusinesscards

Also, we hope to soon be offering small bits of swag like stickers, buttons, and the like, so that you can show your support of us and look quite snazzy all at one time! Please stay tuned for that!