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About Us

Are you tired of searching the web for goth clubs and events in Maryland and only finding listings that haven’t been updated in ten years, linking to dusty old MySpace pages and domains that are long-expired? Are you wondering when that club you like is having their next goth-themed night, but they’re being tight-lipped on Facebook?
Maryland Goth aims to have you covered.
The goth scene in Maryland is alive and well, but many have trouble finding it — club nights aren’t always promoted, or have confusing schedules, and existing directories elsewhere online may be outdated. Maryland Goth seeks to fix these problems by promoting all goth and/or goth-friendly events in Maryland and surrounding areas, as well as hosting some of our own. We also hope to be a creative outlet for goths in Maryland, eventually becoming a sort of e-zine for the scene and its people.
In this way, we hope to do our part to keep our scene alive.

If you know of any events that we have not posted about, please share them with us by commenting on a post or emailing us at promotions@mdgoth.org . 

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6 Responses to About Us

  1. Hey umm im just wondering if there are goths in maryland i mean obviously there might be some and i am in high school are there any high school goths? idk im going to be moving to maryland and i just want to know are there any gothic places to visit in maryland?

  2. I’ve been out of the scene for around 8 years or so now but I’d like very much to refresh. If there is a mailing list or something that could help me keep up to date on upcoming events I might be able to join what I hear is a flourishing and lovely scene. I spent many years in the Asheville, Charlotte, and North Carolina scene in general and would love to meet some new locals.

  3. i am an older goth that doesnt look the part anymore, but has loved the music for a long time. Im looking to meet other locals with similiar interests. anyone else planning to see Covenant in Va tomorrow that would like to meet up?